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Top Five Friday

Last weekend I went home for father’s day. I forgot my swimsuit so I thought I’d try to find one that was acceptable at Target. No such luck. Thus, in honor of my trip to Target and to summertime, today I bring you the top five terrible swimsuits, summer 2008 edition.

1. The monokini….seriously lets make up our minds. Do you want a one piece or a two piece? You can’t have a one piece that wants to be a two piece…it’s still one piece. GAH! And not to mention this horrid pattern. And the halter top. target.com

2. Monokini #2. Swimwear identity crisis #2. Slightly more attractive. Still makes me say GAH! target.com

3. Bikinis where the bottom is so small, meticulous nether-region maintenance is required. I won’t go on. swimsuits.com

4. Embellishments. This one looks like one of those macrame plant hangers. Forget about actually wearing this one twice, because after you take it off the first time, the strings will be so tangled you won’t know up from down. instyleswimwear.com

5. White. Come on. We all know that the care tags on this white suit say “Not for use at the beach, in swimming pools, hot tubs, or other chlorinated water. Avoid Bond girl antics, tanning, sweating, laying out, lotions, sprays and other chemicals. ” instyleswimwear.com


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