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Ciao Amici.  That’s right it’s Fun Fact Friday, and I don’t even have a topic.  I gotta get on the ball about this so I don’t continually let you down every other week.  I think today’s “topic” will be randomness!

1.  The locally-owned grocery store down the street sells my favorite wine for $3.99 right now.  It’s called Mattie’s Perch. My favorites are the White Shiraz and the Cabernet Shiraz. 

2. I hate that I’m finding all kinds of wrong/missing info in the tasks I’m trying to do at work.  These mistakes are from the previous owners.  GRRRR!

3. Due to those mistakes, it’s taking me a long time, AND I’ll probably be bringing this home with me to slave over this weekend.

4. I’m going to H-Town for the weekend for father’s day.  My mom, sister and I are supposed to go do something together tomorrow.  I don’t know what we’re actually doing for dad.

5.  I seriously wish I had Fridays off for the summer.  

Happy Friday.


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