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Apartment Life

Saturday night, drama ensued at the apartamento, but I couldn’t get the photo edited on the free online photo editor to properly show you the “scene of the crime.” Anywho, you get the crappy photo and get to imagine the “Baby Momma Drama.” (special note…as far as I know, this BMD is unrelated Happy Baby Momma Day). There is a possibility that it was just plain drama, but these are the tail lights of car #2 that was backed into at a slow rate of speed by car #1.

After car #2 got hit, the piercing screams of a small child could be heard. I do not believe (after careful observation) that the child was injured. Additionally, about 9 people (including children) were present at this incident. Car #2 sustained injuries to the headlight and bumper, and also has not moved since it was parked that night.

In addition to the (typically minor) drama, at the apartment complex, I did want to share with you my “garden.” I am growing rosemary on the left. I made some rosemary foccacia already…MMMM Delicious! And on the right is my first attempt at spinach.

I’m also growing basil. I probably have about 12 basil plants, started from seed. They are doing great. Delicious on a margarita or caprese pizza. The middle is a prayer plant and the far left is an ivy.

And apparently I’m the last person on earth to know about the “distressed plants” section of Lowe’s. But I bought two, 6-pack plants for 25 cents each (woo, 12 plants for 50 cents!!), and planted them in these hanging baskets. They are still alive and a couple of the plants have even bloomed.

This, plus the de-cluttering…I know it’s a lot for you to take in at once! However, I promise another shocking admission later this week! Consider yourself warned!


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Lately, I have had an almost compulsive tendency to de-clutter.  Yesterday I cleaned my bedroom and did a little rearranging.  I cleaned the kitchen including a scrubdown of the countertops and stove (thanks to the boyfriend for doing the dishes!).  I went through a huge stack of magazines to remove my address and make sure there were no recipes or articles I wanted to keep.  This will be my second batch of magazines I take for recycling.  The only room I have left is my spare bedroom/computer room, which unfortunately is currently the stash location for two, overflowing baskets of clean laundry and various and sundry memorabilia items that I haven’t found a place for.  However, despite this still cluttered location, I feel good about the progress that I did make on the rest of the place.  Hopefully once I get home tonight I’ll have some energy to put some clothes away and tackle that one section of clutter. 

Some new things I’ve been trying to decrease the clutter include 1) reading the mail and throwing junk away immediately,  2) getting a shredder to shred all the unwanted credit card offers and charity solicitations immediately and 3) getting rid of magazines shortly after I get done reading them.  Every little bit helps right!

What do you do to keep your clutter under control?

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