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I’ve had this one in my brain for a few weeks now, thanks mom. This one is really exciting, I mean, who doesn’t like to think up dream trips. And who knows, you might actually get to go there someday. In the meantime, let the dreaming begin.

1. Greece. Pristine beaches and azure blue seas. And if that’s not enough for you throw in unparalleled history, architecture, monuments, museums and culinary adventures. Where do I sign up?

2. Maine. I’d spend my nights in a quaint river or lake front bed & breakfast and spend my days discovering the many bridges and lighthouses of the area. I’d find enough time for a nature hike and wind down with a cup of cocoa while sitting on the front porch watching the sunset.

3. Paris. This would be a “see until you just can’t see anymore” place for me. I’d do everything I could possibly do, seeing the major tourist attractions first, then branching out to go to places locals go and do things locals do. I’d stay off the tourist track too much by walking as much as my feet could stand (you always see the best stuff that way). I’d browse museums, take a sunset cruise along the Seine, and picnic in a park with a bottle of wine, a baguette and some cheese.

4. Spain. That’s right, all over! I really love seeing places where the mountains rise up out of the ocean. It’s just so breath taking and beautiful. Spain has so much to offer from archaeological locations to fiestas, siestas and wine routes. Sounds like paradise to me!

5. California. From the redwood forests and wine country, to Hollywood and San Fransisco, there is so much to choose from, I really would have a hard time deciding. Of course in an ideal world I’d be able to do it all and still have time for some people watching on Laguna Beach and a leisurely drive along the coastline in a convertible.

Now, you tell me…where would you go on a dream vacation?


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