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…you’ll lose the blues in Chicagooooo! 

No pictures yet, but I figured I’d update you anyhow.  Been up and going since 3:45am and now it’s 11:07pm (do you know where your kids are?…sorry random, delirious flashback.)  Rode on what feels like the world’s tiniest plane from BMT to Houston, yet somehow really enjoyed the fact that the desk clerk is also the same person who is loading the luggage on the plane, ANNNDDDD waving the orange lights to tell the pilot he’s good turning around. And the security guard/sheriff’s officer shuts and locks the white french doors to gate number 1 (the only gate!) when the last passenger goes through.   That disturbs some people.  And there was also a girl who was the flight attendant who went to my high school and recognized me. What are the chances. (BTW, on a flight that is only 20 mins in duration, there is only one flight attendant, and the pilot calls him/her by name when telling them to sit down and prepare for takeoff/departure.)

Once I got here, I took the requisite 45ish minute train ride into town.  Dropped stuff at the hotel then walked around the fabulous magnificant mile (and many other miles) for about 3 hours.  I am a shopping dummy and didn’t actually buy anything at H&M, Marshalls, OR Filene’s Basement-all places a bargain hunters paradise.  Maybe I’ll go back tomorrow. 

I finally decided that I was going to splurge on the tickets to see Wicked…I was on the 4th row in the Orchestra section. More on that later…but just to tell you it was great!!! 

Anyhow, tomorrow I’ve got plenty planned, including actually checking in for the work related reason I’m in Chicago.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t play until then!   


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