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I should have written sooner but I didn’t. Anyhow, Friday was an awesome day of random photo blog fodder.

I left my car at the school over night, and went to lunch the next day with friends, only to find that the birds in the trees had something close to Montezuma’s Revenge all over my windshield.

Then, in traffic on my way to a “mevening” (which is a lame-o term for just hanging out by yourself for an evening, even though I do like the concept) I saw this…

which I assume is meant for all the intersection cameras going up in Texas (and presumably California too, noticing their California plates.) I’m not sure what the vvampyr really is about…vampyr with a stutter???

Then, I stop at the local area grocery store to grab a few things for dinner on the way home and have the opportunity to photograph (on the sly) a few things that only a southeast Texas grocery store would sell. These aren’t an outfit, but together they are the quickest way I can photograph without being caught.

Then I get to my apartment, seeing something I’ve been hoping to take a picture of FOR-EV-ERRR.

This is the Poder y Gozo (power and joy) van that moonlights as the security van. However, for several days now it’s been broken down in the same space it parks at night, thus, allowing me to photograph it in the daylight. (special note…since Friday, it has been moved to another spot and for some reason the hood is now being held down by two bungee cords.)

Friday had even more photo awesomeness that I promise to share with you tomorrow! Happy Monday!


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