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It’s Friday and you know what that means…(besides girls nights, sleeping in tomorrow, and not having to work for two days!)…it’s Top Five Friday. Today you get five random facts about me and my life.

1. I fractured my skull wake-boarding and had to get stitches, stay in neuro trama ICU for a night and then another night in a regular room. Normally not the athletic type.

2. Stuff like the following picture used to kinda piss me off but now makes me laugh and somewhat miss living in “the country”. I can barely trust my post office to actually deliver packages, and since I live in an apartment they definitely don’t “leave them at the door.” I almost wish for the days that when I ordered a package I knew it would get to my house and be waiting, rubber banded to the mailbox. (That’s so 1. the mail person doesn’t have to go to the door. 2. and so dogs and other animals don’t eat it before you get home.) How clever!

3. Lolcats makes me LOL and I find myself getting distracted for up to 20 minutes looking at the pictures and captions. And I’m not really a pet person. I even laugh at the website address icanhasacheezburger.com…It’s the little things.

4. I read Dear Abby every morning when I am checking my emails and reading my blogs. I also read Hints from Heloise too to see what the “hecklers” are going to say. The hecklers make sure to point out how obvious/bad some of Heloise’s hints are. For example one of today’s hints was this “I hated throwing away those large, plastic coffee cans, so I use them in the kitchen. Instead of going to the trash can every time I peel an onion or have something to dispose of, I line a can with a plastic bag from the produce department (another recycled item). When I’m done, I take the bag out, line with a fresh bag, and I’m ready for the next meal.” One of the hecklers commented “I have 4,782 of those plastic coffee cans and I couldn’t figure out what to do with them. The garage is full and I was thinking I might have to rent one of those private storage places. You have given me a use for them, thank you and thank God for Heloise, who else would spend time thinking up this crap.” Sometimes, the hecklers are pretty dang funny! You can find both Abby and Heloise’s columns here.

5. I graduated with my bachelors degree 5 years ago. Time sure has flown. And it’s nearly been 3 years since I finished my masters too. AND it’s almost time for my 10 year high school reunion. Sometimes I feel too young for any of it.


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