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Travel Tip Tuesday

For today’s post, I was asked to share a favorite travel tip by Cherrye of My Bella Vita, and instantly I knew what my tip would be. Enjoy Travel Tip Tuesday!

Everyone who has traveled with me could tell you that I LOVE taking pictures. And thanks to the digital camera I can take plenty to make sure I get just the right shot I was hoping for. Even with up to 800 pictures on from a trip, inevitably, I sometimes don’t have the shot I was looking for, or the lighting was bad, or there were too many people. So I always make sure to buy post cards of the places I visit, not only to give to friends and family as souvenirs, but also so I have a great picture to add to my scrapbook in case mine didn’t turn out.

So, I leave you with a “postcard perfect” shot of the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City.


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