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I was going to write about my great weekend at home with my mom and family, but am instead distracted by the undecipherable number of kids riding bikes and hollering with their 5ish baby daddies (who were all hanging around a car trunk, pretending to be boxing/fighting with each other when I got home…I’m not really sure what they were doing.) I did NOT notice them actually working on their car like another guy who was possibly doing a brake job (front wheel off, spraying some spray stuff…I dunno, not a car expert here) and 5ish baby mommas (who came back and LOUDLY announced that there was only “one girl working” at the place they went to get food from, that’s why it took so long) across the way from my apartment. This is also the same apartment that the Rent-a-Center truck comes to at least 3 times a week…that I know of. I am also 99% sure they are there to “pick up” (aka repossess) rented goods. Anyway, better post later.

Happy Mom’s Day!


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