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I wish I had a camera with me at all times, and some greased-lightening, super-discreet camera taking abilities. I would totally have some awesome pictures including: “veggie weggie” dip (I get the rhyming but what a bad name) and a MAN wearing a short, white SUNDRESS and slingback kitten heels, scratching his bum (or maybe picking a “weggie”?) in a mall parking lot. Though I am pictureless this week, I present to you some great music to explore this coming weekend.

Top Five Songs that instantly put me in a happier mood!

Grace Kelly – Mika. I’m dancing in my seat RIGHT NOW listening to this one on my iTunes. He’s apparently a professionally trained singer, with an AWESOME falsetto.

Love and Memories – O.A.R. A great song, from a not so well known group. This song was one of the first (and maybe only) ones I ever heard from them on the radio. It’s upbeat without being too annoying.

When Did Your Heart Go Missing – Rooney. Another dance in your seat song.

Come on Eileen – Dexy’s Midnight Runners. OMG. I’ve always loved this song. And according to wikipedia “midnight running” is the high achieved from taking a recreational drug “dexy” that allows you to dance all night long.

It’s Raining Men – The Weather Girls. “Hi. We’re your weather girls, and have we got news for you.” This is a fun girl’s night song, even if you already have a man.


And since I sucked last week and had no list, you get a BONUS Top Five today!!!!!

BONUS!!!!! Top five songs for when I’m feeling low-key.

I Turn My Camera On – Spoon. This is almost too upbeat to be low-key, but not quite. It has a solid beat that makes you want to bob your head along to the song. Again, AWESOME falsetto. What’s it with me and falsettos??

Vultures – John Mayer. I HEART JOHN MAYER. Enough said.

Float On – Modest Mouse. Another one I kinda bob my head to the beat. Don’t laugh at me!

Black Rock – O.A.R. Black rock is a kind of introspective-ish song. There is an interesting mix of musical styles in this song, including a Jamaican kind of feel.

Soul Meets Body – Deathcab for Cutie. This song makes me feel like driving on the open road (not that I do that frequently) and something about the lead singer’s voice is almost mesmerizing.

What are your favorite “make you happy” and “low-key” songs? Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!


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