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Sorry…yet another late, photoless top five Friday.  I’ll definitely make up for it next week. 

This week is a fun one though….Top Five Favorite Travel Destinations!  There is no particular order…except for Number 1!!

NUMBER 1.  Italy– April 2006.  I’m reminiscing as we speak.  This time two years ago I was visiting, Rome, Florence, Pisa, Amalfi, Positano, Pompeii, the Vatican and Catanzaro.  I’m sure I’m leaving some stops out, but it was the best time ever.  I travelled with Cherrye of My Bella Vita and our friend Angela. Cherrye was moving there, so I volunteered to pack an extra suitcase with her stuff and bring it along, I know…what a great friend to help you move all the way to Italy!  But seriously, for the two weeks I was there, our mission was pretty much “see as much as we can in the time we were there”  so we did – sampling gelato (lots of gelato!), drinking vino (lots of vino!), and eating all the pasta, pizza, and mozzarella di bufalo we could stomach!  Those were the days!   

New York City – May 2003.  It was my graduation gift to myself when I finished my Bachelor’s degree.  I saw everything I could, from the bright lights of Times Square to the somber hole that remained from September 11.  I visited museums, walked everywhere from Little Italy to Central Park, marveled at the Broadway show Phantom of the Opera at the Majestic Theater, took a sunset harbor boat ride, and even got a little lost then found myself walking back to Manhattan across the Brooklyn Bridge.  I can’t wait until I get to go back!

Chicago, Illinois– May 2002. Chicago was really the only road trip I’ve ever taken, and I went with my mom and one of my high school friends.  It was a last minute kind of decision and we drove my 4-door, blue Chevy cavalier all the way to Chicago, on the way meeting the Atlanta, Texas police officers.  They were really interested in us, wanting to know why we were out so late, where were were going, and who was in the backseat (my mom!).  They were really nice and asked us to do a hockey cheer for them.  Once in Chicago, we went to watch the Houston Aeros play in two of the Calder Cup Finals games.  I got to participate in an “on ice promotion” just because I was a fan of the opposing team.  Of course we saw all the sights we could see, bought coffee on the Magnificent Mile (coffee was in my price range!) and I took my first subway ride.  I’m super excited because I’m going to Chicago in a few weeks for work, and have scheduled a couple extra days to see things I didn’t get to see.   

Dallas, Texas – October 2007.  This almost should not be on my top travel destinations, because it is work affiliated, however, it was one of my favorite trips ever.  I was on a national conference committee with 20ish young professionals, and we all spent 8 days living and working in Dallas.  We didn’t get to attend any actual sessions due to our committee duties, but we had tons of fun, despite 7am meetings, and late evenings.  The reason it is on my top list is because of the fun, memories and jokes I had with fellow professionals.  We had “warm fuzzy” bags where people could leave you nice notes, we went out to dinner together every night and even though I worked hard, it was really rewarding seeing your all your hard work come together.  And and having your work recognized was nice too…something I definitely did not get at my job at the time.

San Antonio, Texas.  San Antonio is great all the time.  I’ve been to San Antonio so many times.  I’ve gone around my birthday, before I started college, and around Christmas.  San Antonio will never get old to me, even though I pretty much always do the same things…walk the river walk, eat Mexican food, ride a river boat, see the Alamo.  Throw in a wax museum visit, Mexican market, or zoo and you’ve got yourself a grand weekend.  And if you are driving on I-10 headed west to SA, you should also make a stop at the Luling Buc-ee’s a top priority.  They’ve got the cleanest, best restrooms around. 

Bonus Buc-ee’s fact: There are almost 30 Buc-ee’s locations…how come no one ever told me!

Bonus Buc-ee’s fact 2: If you are a Buc-ee’s employee, you are not allowed to have a beard, visible tattoos, body piercing, tongue posts, unnatural colored hair, long hair on men, open toe shoes, or torn clothing.  go here for more about careers with Buc-ee’s .

Have a great weekend!


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