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While shopping at Bed, Bath and Beyond yesterday, I was prevented from paying for my purchases for several minutes due to the following exchange between a customer and the cashier.

Customer: Hi I need a copy of a wedding registry.
Cashier: What is the name of the bride and groom.
Customer: His name is (I don’t remember, we’ll just call him) Groom ToBe.
Cashier: Ok, I found several Groom ToBe’s. What is the wedding date?
Customer: Um, I don’t know, I think it passed. I think sometime in April maybe. I don’t really know.
Cashier: Do you know where they live?
Customer: Uh, in Willis, or it could be Houston, I don’t really know. I mean, he is from Anahuac, but I don’t know where they live now.
Cashier: What is HER name?
Customer: Oh, no, it’s a boy. His name is Groom ToBe.
Cashier: What is the bride’s name?
Customer: I don’t know, um…Bride something. I don’t really know.
Cashier: Ok, I found it. Their wedding is in June. It will take a few moments to print out the registry.

So my PSA for today is: Before you head out shopping for a wedding or baby registry gift, why don’t you double check your wedding or shower invitation or call a friend to find out the important information. For registry purposes, I’d say the 3 Ws are pretty important…who, when and where. If you don’t care about the people enough to know the pertinent information, why are you even buying them a gift in the first place?


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