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Office Party

I’m so excited that Brooke has time at work to do this (yes I realize I’m blogging at work…it’s my lunch break!) but she posted about our “The Office” party.  It was super fun.  She’s really creative and we had tons of Office themed food, games and watched the new episode.  Check out the pictures here


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Top Five Friday

Today’s top five is another quick one.  Top Five Things I Should be Doing Instead of Blogging. 

1.  Gathering materials for my first grant writing meeting.  My program grant is up for resubmission, and I’ve got to get the committee together and working hard!

2.  Revise nearly every form for my program.  All the old stuff is repetitive, ugly, pointless or something else. 

3.  Go pick up a laptop from the helpdesk downstairs.

4. Crunch program numbers and stats for all of the past year.  I can wait on this a little longer until the semester ends.

5. Type up the notes from yesterday’s goal setting meeting with one of my subordinates.  It’s all about documentation!

Well, off to do these and the 20 other things on my to do list, as well as the many other things that I’ve forgotten to write down.  Have a great Friday and a great weekend.  Next week I promise funny stuff for you…with pictures! 

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