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All Up in Da Club

Come on out to Club LU.  It’s THE place to be seen.  Why wait until 10, 11 or 12 at night to go to the club when you can come on out to the student center at NOON and get your club on IN THE DAY TIME!  And, choosing to club in the day even leaves you time to club at night too.     

SERIOUSLY Y’ALL…it is like the club up in my office right now and has been for at least 30 minutes now and apparently is scheduled to go on for another hour.  (Just also as a little play by play for you, the music has stopped and someone is talking.  Now a lot of people are barking.  Que the Mission Impossible Theme song. I think I just heard them in unison go “ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh…ah, ah, ah, ah”.)  Students are supposed to be up here in tutoring, meeting with their counselors, doing home work.  Employees are supposed to be seeing students, working on projects and reports.  I’ve got James Taylor on in my office, but there is absolutely no way that he could drown out the bass that is pumping through the floors, walls and my head.   

I can barely concentrate on writing anymore so I’m going to leave you with a line from the current song playing (at Club LU not James Taylor!) “pump tha, pump tha party!”  Have a great week!


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