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Getting Older

My birthday was Monday, and I’ve been meaning to post something about it, but seriously I didn’t really have THAT much to talk about regarding my 27th birthday.  It was a low key year, especially since my special day was on a Monday.  I didn’t take off work or anything, although I do have a massage gift certificate I need to use.  The weekend right before, I went to a bridal shower, and helped my parents unpack since they are in the process of moving.  So nothing grand there.  My folks got me a microplane (something I’ve been wanting for a while!) and a gift card to Bed Bath and Beyond and that is pretty sweet because I heart BB&B and can almost always find something to buy there.  AND I always have a ton of the 20% off coupons floating around my apartment. 

Ya know, I can’t really complain, I’d much rather prefer low key b-day to the year that I went out to my car on my birthday to find the window on my Saturn smashed and my radio faceplate missing.  Whoever broke in also went through the trunk. I guess they thought they were going to find some sweet stereo equipment, but they were sadly mistaken.  The trunk was in all kinds of disarray, so the cops thought that whoever broke in took something, but nope it was already junky like that before they broke in!  I think there were tons of school papers, some slippers, and a miscellaneous array of other things.  And the best part was driving to the police station to get the car dusted for finger prints was driving around with a garbage bag over the driver’s side window since it looked like it might rain that day.  (By the way….SERIOUSLY FOLKS, they don’t do the finger printing at the scene of the crime like CSI-type shows show you.  AND they also don’t really have the time/staff/desire to find out who broke in.) 

So, I don’t really remember where I was going with all this, but I guess I can be happy that I don’t look 27.  I still get carded nearly every time I buy wine or beer at the grocery store.  And yesterday as I was walking back to my office from lunch, a student handed me this flyer for a fraternity foam party.   

foam party

I went to my share of fraternity parties in college, but I probably wouldn’t have ever gone to a foam party.  At least they thought I still looked young enough to be a student!  In fact, I don’t feel 27 either.  I still feel like I’m too young for a lot of stuff, particularly having kids.  I also feel too young when I’m trying to talk to a parent or some other older administrator at the school here.  Maybe I’m just being self conscious, but I feel like they judge me since I’m younger, and they don’t really know how old I am, but think I’m too young to be qualified to do what I do.  That’s the reason why I put my degree after my name on my business cards, so they’ll see that I’m at least old enough to have a master’s degree too, which might earn me some street cred.    

I’m sorry to tell you though that I’m not feeling nostalgic/needy/motivated enough at the moment to publish a list of 30 things I want to do before I turn 30.  Maybe some other time.  Or maybe I’ll wait until I turn 30 so then I can do a 40 before 40 list! 





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