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A Confession

That’s right, I have a confession to make. You might already know this, you might not, but here I go.

I LOVE stationery!!!

Yeah, capital L-O-V-E. Just about any kind. Note cards, paper, and I even will put cutsie file folders into that category. I haven’t counted, but I’ve seriously got probably 30 different kinds of note cards, paper, and miscellaneous stationery. I really do use it, and write people actual notes (and snail mail them!) It borders on an obsession, but fortunately I know when to say no. Sometimes though, a deal is just too good to pass up…like the super-cute, polka-dot note cards I got at Target for 97 cents this past weekend. However, I still can’t help lusting over the more pricey items at some of these websites.

Paper Source
See Jane Work
Fine Stationery

Red Stamp
Mountain Cow

Anyone want to buy me a present?


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