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This is AWESOME!

So yesterday I picked up a copy of a local newspaper that is touted as the “Independent Voice of Southeast Texas”.  It’s published weekly and they have free copies here on campus. I like to look through their entertainment section to see what’s going on (though I rarely really do any of it, I like to act like I know what’s going on) and I like to look a the “around town” photos of richy-rich, local celeb types at their birthday/retirement party/just hanging out at (insert name of hip local establishment here).  Well, I also happened to stumble upon the coolest website and I just couldn’t help but pass it along to you.  I guarantee once I tell you about it, you’ll want to check it out too!

Hulu is a website that has more than 11,200 FULL LENGTH episodes of TV shows, with many more clips.  They even have some full length movies, professional basketball games, and college bowl games.   Here are two of the shows I think you should check out if you aren’t already a fan – and if you are already a fan, check it out anyway!

Arrested Development – all 3 seasons!!!
The Office – Season 4

So, I leave you today with these questions:

  • What shows on Hulu do you think I should check out?
  • What shows would you like to see added?

Have a great Tuesday!


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