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My Week slash Weekend

This week slash weekend, my sister came to visit me. It was her spring break from school, so on Wednesday, she headed on over from the big city of H-town. We ate dessert for dinner at Rao’s Bakery and Coffee Cafe, marathon watched episodes of Grey’s Anatomy on DVD, slept in and went to the Antique Mall of Lumberton where I got this awesome hourglass for my office.


We got pedicures, where we saw this peculiar sign:


Someone needs to proofread their marketing techniques. (insert homage to the tv show, Arrested Development here and here.)

We cooked dinner and breakfast. And somewhere in there had time for the requisite trip to Target to try on GINORMOUS sunglasses and take pictures of ourselves.  (Has anyone else noticed that ginormous sunglasses make everyone look silly?)


This picture is actually from her last trip here, but naturally, she’s got the pictures on her camera.

It was such a great end of the week. I am FINALLY learning to actually take days off from work, and this was definitely worth it.


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