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Happy Monday

You already know, I’m not much of a morning person or a Monday person, so Happy Monday is really more of just a figure of speech!  I suppose I can play the glad game, like my friend Cherrye taught me (I think it came from Pollyanna, but don’t quote me on that!)  Anywho, you play the glad game by turning a negative thought into something positive, or finding something to be glad about in every situation.  It is from Pollyanna, and you can read about it at that link.  So, let’s play!

  • I don’t like getting up early in the morning, but waking up early means I’m alive, and I’m glad for that!
  • I really don’t like going to work on Monday mornings, but I am glad I have a job to get up and go to. 
  • I don’t like doing housework, but I am happy, because it means that I have a home to live in and things of my own.      

I’ll admit, it’s not always easy to play the glad game when life’s got you down.  But I’ll let you in on a little secret…I’ll also admit I’ve played the glad game in a little mean/nasty way (probably not how Pollyanna would have wanted it!)  I can’t think of a real example of something I’ve actually said, but it would probably be something along these lines.  “I wish it was easier to find a new job, but at least I’m glad that when I find one, I’ll have earned it and my whole life won’t be based on the favor of someone whose ass I’ll have to kiss forever”.   I guess whatever makes you feel better!   🙂

Happy Monday!


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Since yesterday I posted about something that annoys me, I wanted to post today about something I love. Girls Night!

I always love having a girls night, and last night Brooke of everydaybailey, a couple of our coworker/friends and I had the first girl’s night we’ve had in a while. We did the requisite griping about the politics and general BS about where we work, but we also enjoyed our own version of tapas (aka…some appetizers for dinner-baked brie, corn dip, pinwheels, caprese, and pizza wheels) sangria and mojitos. I should have taken pictures, but didn’t. All I have is a picture of a leftover Pizza Wheel and the recipe to one of my delicious contributions to the girls night.

pizza wheels

Pizza Wheels

1/2 small red pepper finely chopped (not entirely necessary if you can’t find a small one)
1/2 cup fresh parsley finely chopped
2 tablespoons fresh oregano finely chopped
3 1/2 oz. prosciutto (the exact weight isn’t important, you can find this thinly sliced and prepackaged at the grocery store, HEB locally)
1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese (more if you like cheese, or feel free to experiment with other types of cheese)
1/2 cup tomato paste
puff pastry

Thaw puff pastry according to directions on the package. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Mix parsley, oregano and cheese together. Unfold one sheet of puff pastry, and spread half the tomato paste all over. Lay slices of prosciutto across the puff pastry to cover the whole sheet. Spread half the cheese/herb mixture all over the prosciutto (you can do a straight line for rolling up purposes, or you can spread all over…i like the cheese to be concentrated in a straight line but it’s up to you). Roll up tightly. Place in freezer for a few minutes while you repeat these steps with the second sheet of puff pastry.

Take pastry rolls out of the freezer and cut into 1/2 inch rounds. (If you have time, leave them in the freezer about 20-30 minutes, it’ll make them prettier once you cut and bake them.) Place rounds on a cookie sheet and bake for 20 minutes. Enjoy!

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Seriously, anyone who knows me just a little bit knows I’m not one who is easily offended.  I’m all for people being able to do what they want.  But I’m still not a fan of clothes with slogans/sayings on them.  Take exhibit A:


I saw a young lady wearing a shirt similar to this today while I was walking to a meeting across campus (same words, a little different style).  Working at the university, you can see just about anything.  As a PSA (public service announcement) to anyone who might possibly own something similar and is pondering wearing it in public, you almost NEVER come across as classy when wearing something like that.  You might think it is cute when your (small) child wears a shirt that says something along the lines of “don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me” but it’s not.  And it’s also not flattering for most people to don velour sweat suits with words like “juicy” written on the butt. 

I’m just saying.

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A Confession

That’s right, I have a confession to make. You might already know this, you might not, but here I go.

I LOVE stationery!!!

Yeah, capital L-O-V-E. Just about any kind. Note cards, paper, and I even will put cutsie file folders into that category. I haven’t counted, but I’ve seriously got probably 30 different kinds of note cards, paper, and miscellaneous stationery. I really do use it, and write people actual notes (and snail mail them!) It borders on an obsession, but fortunately I know when to say no. Sometimes though, a deal is just too good to pass up…like the super-cute, polka-dot note cards I got at Target for 97 cents this past weekend. However, I still can’t help lusting over the more pricey items at some of these websites.

Paper Source
See Jane Work
Fine Stationery

Red Stamp
Mountain Cow

Anyone want to buy me a present?

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This is AWESOME!

So yesterday I picked up a copy of a local newspaper that is touted as the “Independent Voice of Southeast Texas”.  It’s published weekly and they have free copies here on campus. I like to look through their entertainment section to see what’s going on (though I rarely really do any of it, I like to act like I know what’s going on) and I like to look a the “around town” photos of richy-rich, local celeb types at their birthday/retirement party/just hanging out at (insert name of hip local establishment here).  Well, I also happened to stumble upon the coolest website and I just couldn’t help but pass it along to you.  I guarantee once I tell you about it, you’ll want to check it out too!

Hulu is a website that has more than 11,200 FULL LENGTH episodes of TV shows, with many more clips.  They even have some full length movies, professional basketball games, and college bowl games.   Here are two of the shows I think you should check out if you aren’t already a fan – and if you are already a fan, check it out anyway!

Arrested Development – all 3 seasons!!!
The Office – Season 4

So, I leave you today with these questions:

  • What shows on Hulu do you think I should check out?
  • What shows would you like to see added?

Have a great Tuesday!

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My Week slash Weekend

This week slash weekend, my sister came to visit me. It was her spring break from school, so on Wednesday, she headed on over from the big city of H-town. We ate dessert for dinner at Rao’s Bakery and Coffee Cafe, marathon watched episodes of Grey’s Anatomy on DVD, slept in and went to the Antique Mall of Lumberton where I got this awesome hourglass for my office.


We got pedicures, where we saw this peculiar sign:


Someone needs to proofread their marketing techniques. (insert homage to the tv show, Arrested Development here and here.)

We cooked dinner and breakfast. And somewhere in there had time for the requisite trip to Target to try on GINORMOUS sunglasses and take pictures of ourselves.  (Has anyone else noticed that ginormous sunglasses make everyone look silly?)


This picture is actually from her last trip here, but naturally, she’s got the pictures on her camera.

It was such a great end of the week. I am FINALLY learning to actually take days off from work, and this was definitely worth it.

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